Jeanie L. Ortiz

Houston attorney Jeanie Ortiz has developed a reputation as a smart, tough combatant in the criminal defense practice area. Her knowledge of criminal law and procedure is matched by her tenacity in the courtroom and her emphasis on client service. The former business owner has real life experience that allows her a strong connection with the people in Texas suffering real world problems. The ability to connect with clients is an asset that supports her skill and knowledge and makes her a better attorney.

A Hardworking Scholar Becomes a Hardworking Attorney

Ms. Ortiz attended the University of Houston and studied psychology. Later, she entered the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University. After earning her J.D., she went to work as an Assistant District Attorney in Harris County, one of the busiest prosecutors’ offices in the country. Ms. Ortiz enhanced her legal education by earning her Master of Law with a focus on Energy, Environmental and Natural Resource Law.

Her experience at the Harris County D.A.’s office prepared Ms. Ortiz well for private practice in criminal defense. She went to work as an associate at a local law firm where she received a taste of practicing her profession from the defense’s point of view.

Today, Jeanie Ortiz owns and operates a solo practice. As an A.D.A., she was a fair, yet tough prosecutor. She brings the same ethos to her criminal defense practice. Seeing her clients get justice in a busy district where law enforcement is a top priority can be difficult. However, Ms. Ortiz will battle through for her clients. Her knowledge of the local prosecutors’ priorities and tactics will be invaluable to anyone in need of a defense attorney in Harris County. Not only does Ms. Ortiz have an insider’s view of the D.A.’s office, she has their respect, and that will go a long way in tense negotiations over charges or sentencing. It could mean the difference between your going home after paying a fine or spending a few nights in the county jail.

Jeanie Ortiz Fights for Her Clients

Jeanie Ortiz has the legal knowledge and life experience to give you your best defense against criminal charges. Call her to discuss the details of your criminal charges and how she can help you.