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Ms. Dickey is a veteran criminal defense attorney and former Harris County prosecutor. She knows what the prosecution will use to get a conviction on a DWI charge, and knows what defenses will work. Thanks to her knowledge of criminal law, procedure and your Constitutional rights, she will be able to put together the best possible defense against a DWI charge.

Assault and Murder

Criminal defense attorney Jeanie Dickey takes on all kinds of cases, even defending clients against accusations of violent crimes. She has a decade of experience in the Houston criminal courts, first as a prosecutor and now as the managing attorney at her own firm. Her reputation – one of a tireless advocate for justice who puts her clients’ needs first – is exactly what you want from a defense attorney.


Jeanie Dickey began her legal career with the Harris County D.A.’s office and knows what law enforcement will be doing from the moment you are arrested until the judge delivers a verdict. Her knowledge of criminal defense law and her willingness to fight for her clients until the end are reasons you should hire her to defend you against theft charges.


So, you’ve made a mistake in judgment, hired the wrong attorney and now you have a criminal charge on your record. Ms. Dickey is an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Houston and a former Harris County prosecutor. She can help you clear up your record through the procedure known as expunction.