Houston Expungement Attorney

So, you’ve made a mistake in judgment, hired the wrong attorney and now you have a criminal charge on your record. You are having trouble during job interviews, with loan applications and finding an apartment. The other day, someone told you that they found your name online listed as a criminal. You can change all that with Jeanie Ortiz’s help. Ms. Ortiz is an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Houston and a former Harris County prosecutor. She can help you clear up your record through the procedure known as expunction.

Grounds for Expungement

The expunction will clear your record of criminal charges where:

  • The judge dismissed your case
  • A judge overturned a conviction on appeal
  • You were acquitted of the charges

Not all charges may be expunged. There is a process to petition the court to expunge the charges. Ms. Ortiz can help with both issues. Even if the court does not expunge the kind of charges on your record, there may yet be a way, so don’t be afraid to ask Ms. Ortiz about those charges.

Sealing Your Criminal Record

For some convictions on criminal charges, a court may allow you to prevent others from seeing the record noting you have received a conviction. This is sometimes called “sealing” a record, or filing a motion for non-disclosure. The court usually reserves this option for misdemeanor cases where a defendant has completed a diversionary program, or something like it, and the court has agreed to dismiss the charges upon completion of the program. For felonies, the defendant must also complete a community service program, and you must have waited five years.

Just as it is with expunction, not all charges are eligible to be sealed by the court. Usually, the most violent felonies, or cases involving harm to children are not eligible. For anything else, don’t hesitate to ask.

Hire an Expungement Attorney Today

When you receive a sentence from a judge, you should immediately ask about the possibility of clearing your record. If it has been some years since your case was dismissed, you may still receive an expungement or seal your record. Call Jeanie Ortiz today to discuss your options – your future may depend on it.