Houston Assault and Murder Attorney

Criminal defense attorney Jeanie Ortiz takes on all kinds of cases, even defending clients against accusations of violent crimes. She has a decade of experience in the Houston criminal courts, first as a prosecutor and now as the managing attorney at her own firm. Her reputation – one of a tireless advocate for justice who puts her clients’ needs first – is exactly what you want from a defense attorney. Call her as soon as you are able. Don’t speak to the police or D.A. without representation by one of the best defense lawyers in Harris County.

How to Approach Your Case

Any kind of criminal charge can cause stress and fear. An assault or murder charge could have you on edge, and perhaps willing to accept any plea deal the police or prosecutors offer. You shouldn’t say or accept anything without first speaking with Jeanie Ortiz about your case. Based on her experiences, she will be the best judge on how to deal with the prosecution’s office during the early stages of the case. She will know what the prosecution and investigators are looking for as they look into your case. Getting in touch with her quickly will only aide your defense against these charges. Ms. Ortiz will go to work as soon as she can, as the D.A.’s office are already making moves against you.

Jeanie Ortiz will protect your rights if you are charged with a violent crime. She will watch for the cops stepping out of line with evidence, witnesses and how they treat you personally. Ms. Ortiz is a fighter and she will gladly confront law enforcement over any violation of your rights as a defendant and as a person.

Hire a Houston Assault and Murder Attorney

In Texas, there are several types of assault charges ranging from misdemeanors to serious felony charges. Each carries a range of penalties based on their circumstances. Yet, facing an assault charge is the wrong time to learn about the legal system. You need to call Jeanie Ortiz and discuss your case. She’ll get to work immediately on crafting a strong defense. Call her now.